Hormat Motor is one stop supplier of crane parts for Hitachi, Kato, Kobelco, Link-Belt, P&H, Sumitomo, Tadano and other brand names. Since 1978, We have continuously supplied good quality parts for cranes and other heavy equipment. These parts are direct from Original Equipment Manufacturers and other dealers. We supply new parts from stock and if available, reconditioned or used parts. We have a great selection of parts in stock here at Hormat Motor and we can find parts that you need if we do not have it on the shelf.


What We Offer

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Our years of experience and relationship with various international manufacturers have enabled us to establish a unique and extensive network. What sets us apart from the rest is our complete product knowledge and our standards. If you are not sure what you need, please contact us and we can find what you are looking for.
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japan chain

piston ring

Piston ring & seal ring

piston ring

NPR's industrial piston rings and seal rings have been developed along with the progress of Japan's construction industry. It's high performance of UBALLOY®, TARKALLOY® etc. have been world standard. The mark is very clear. NPR piston ring has its own mark on its body and specialty packing with NPR marks are glued on the outside of every paper salver.


Heavy duty Chain Roller

japan chain

Heavy duty roller chain is specifically designed for cranes working under extremely tough load and impact condition. Special steel as main parts are hardened with certain heat treatment and machined to high precision. These are offset type chains, which give them superior impact resistance.


Heavy duty swivel joint

heavy duty swivel joint

Heavy duty swivel joint is ideal for crane application. The ball track is hardened and polished,giving the swivel joint a high degree of rotating precision and more durable, even under extreme loads. The precision-finished combined with special made v-packing ensures perfect sealing and no leakage.


Heavy duty swing hook roller for P&H

swing hook

The critical component of every mechanical crane is hook roller and roller circle to smooth the swing operation. The main function is to maintain the stable level of crane's upper structure while it swings. Heavy duty roller is special steel made and harden with certain heat level to ensure top performance.